Solar Thermal

Solar Heating is by far the most common and well-known system used for harnessing renewable energy. By harvesting energy from the sun, you are able to vastly reduce your water heating costs reduce your carbon consumption.

The 3 main parts of a solar thermal system include the panels used to collect the rays, a heat transfer system and hot water cylinder. Panels are fitted to your roof and collect heat from the sun. This is then transferred to a dedicated hot water cylinder where water is warmed and stored. The systems also include a backup heat source for colder months or when there is a lack of sunlight.

Benefits of a Solar Thermal Heating System

  • Can supply up to 60% of your hot water for free
  • Provides all year-round heating
  • Reduced carbon consumption by as much as 350kg a year
  • Reliable technology – tried & tested method of renewable energy
  • Low maintenance

Solar Thermal Renewable Energy