Water Treatment

We offer all types of water treatments, from chlorination, power flushing, testing heat pumps & solar fluids, and installing all makes and models of water softners.


Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water as a method of purification, ensuring disease-causing bacteria, nuisance bacteria, parasites and other organisms are destroyed within a water supply. Chlorination also oxidizes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide so they can be filtered out.

Solar & Heat Pump Fluids

We test for frost protection in the pipework to ensure the correct levels of anti-freeze are maintained. We can also clean and ensure you have the correct protector and inhibitor.

Power Flushing

Water in central heating systems in contaminated with sludge, rust and other debris. This can cause problems with poor circulation, noise and boiler failure. By moving water through a heating system as fast as possible, any debris can be transported to a section where it can be efficiently removed.

A power flush will improve your heating systems efficiency and reduce fuel bills.

Water Softeners
We can supply, install and service all makes and models of water softeners. We are registered with BWT, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of water softeners.